• Increased savings while improving your lifestyle 
  • Reduced money stress and guilt
  • Positive money habits and an abundant mindset
  • Improved financial literacy
  • A personalized plan so you know exactly what to do and when to reach your goals
  • Simple step-by-step guidance and support 

You get all of this (value of $4,200) for $550. 

That's less than $19/day for 30 days. 



I'm all about value. Here's the breakdown:

º 5 Money Cleanse Weekly Video Classes (lifetime access) - $750 value

º 5 Money Cleanse Weekly Downloadable Workbooks (lifetime access) - $250 value 

º Bonus class videos, downloads and discounts (lifetime access ) - $1,200 per year 

º Private Money Cleanse community (lifetime access) priceless + $1,000+ in cash prizes

º Weekly Q&A with me to get all of your money questions answered - $1,000

How it works...


The 30 Day Money Cleanse is a video-based online course where all the materials are contained in a members-only website. When you enroll today, you’ll receive  access to the pre-course materials and will begin your Money Cleanse on January 22nd. 
You’ll get access to the 30 Day Money Class curriculum on whatever internet enabled device you choose - computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Every 7 days, you will receive the curriculum for the next week via the members only site.

You'll also be added to the private online community where you can share stories and gain support and inspiration from fellow Money Cleansers. It's a priceless resource during your Money Cleanse and long after.  It's also a forum for questions, your weekly video Q&A and you can earn raffle tickets to win weekly cash prizes.   

In addition, you'll be receiving an email each day with inspiration, reminders  and great resources to keep you on track and to maximize the results of your Money Cleanse. I've done everything in my power to create a course that you will finish. Participation is where the results are! 



If you answered yes to any of these questions,
 you are not alone and I can help. 

I was a finance major and investment banker who knew absolutely nothing about my own money. I dove head first into my money journey and realized that it didn't need to be as complicated or difficult as I thought. I also realized that personal finance is extremely personal and should be catered to our individual values and goals. It's not one size fits all.
I discovered so much power and freedom from what I've discovered along my money journey that I've made it my mission to share it with as many people as possible. 


Why me?

Why start today? 

There is so much information out there about money and personal finance that it's easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis. It's overwhelming! We can research and read for countless hours, days and even years before we commit to taking action. But action is where the results are.  We learn by doing and that's why I'm all about action. 
If you made it this far, I know you are serious about transforming your financial well-being. You might have been wanting to do something about it for a while now but haven't been sure where to start. The 30  Day Money Cleanse is an incredible course for personal finance newbies and money masters alike because no two Money Cleanses are ever the same. 
Take action today and join me for the 30 Day Money Cleanse. I promise, you'll thank me and so will your future self! 

Get started with your Money Cleanse transformation

Start the course on May 14th for $550. That's less than $19/day for 30 days.

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Here's some of what you get...

♦ Do you wonder "where is all of my money going?

♦ Think you’re not making enough money to start saving? Then when you make more, you’re still not saving as much as you’d like.

♦ Feel guilty when you make a purchase? 

♦ Wonder how you are doing in your financial life? Are you where you should be at this stage to reach your goals? 

♦ Aren’t sure who to trust when it comes to money advice? 

♦ Are looking for support and guidance for your money goals? 

♦ Feel all alone in your money struggles? 

♦ Experience stress in other areas of your life due to money? 

Things you will know after the course...


► How much you want to be saving to reach your goals by when you want to 
► How to save that amount without giving up your lifestyle and what's important to you 
► How to use my roadmap for all of your financial decisions 
► How to create a dream team to support you in your financial (and other) goals 
► How to mitigate the environmental toxins in your life (the people, places and things that get the best of your spending)
► How to set your money goals in the most effective and efficient way 
► How to use the Money Cleanse system so that your money starts working for you
► How to minimize time spent working on and worrying about your money while maximizing the results (= more time for other things!)
► How to maximize your joy per dollar


I LOVED the money cleanse! You have no idea how much it helped me! I completely paid off one credit card and am set to pay off the other one in a month’s time. Plus I found an extra $600 in my budget every month that will go into a separate account I set up for savings. I truly feel in power of my finances and my decisions with money for the first time in a very long time!

Haley | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant

I honestly thought I would never be able to save a dime with New York City’s expensive lifestyle and with most of my money going back into my company. I was able to learn little things like creating a “Happiness Allocation” for things I wanted or needed. I urge you all to take her program. With Ashley’s help I am on track to save over $2,000.
Lauren Cecchi | Designer & Founder of Lauren Cecchi New York 

As a lifelong savvy saver, I wasn't sure how much the Money Cleanse could really help me. I thought I knew everything there was to know about saving. After participating in the Money Cleanse, I now have the financial confidence that I lacked for so many years. I tracked my income, expenditures, and savings in order to get a clear picture of how my money flows in and out of my life. I then analyzed my dreams, goals, and lifestyle. The Money Cleanse empowered me to sync my financial decisions to better work toward my dreams and goals. Now my money 
is working just as hard as I am, and I am proud of my financial decision-making and confident in my abilities. I feel like a financial bad-ass!

Amy | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant

Here's what's included with your
30 Day Money Cleanse

WEEK #1  We Cleanse. You learn how to detox from your current money habits by cutting out frivolous spending for seven days. You learn why a detox is important, and you’ll see the benefits immediately.

WEEK #2  We observe. You will learn to challenge and overcome setbacks. We will strengthen your new money habits and draw connections between your positive financial health and your physical and mental well-being.

WEEK #3  We supplement. You’ll add items back into your spending that support your values, and you’ll see which extras are important and appreciated in your life.

WEEK #4  We solidify. You will learn to recognize environmental toxins that affect your financial health, and you’ll learn to maintain your new money habits in the midst of toxic relationships or environments.

WRAP UP  We finish. I’ll provide tools and tips for streamlining financial health and success in the future to continue your new money mindset after the program ends.

♦ Private facebook group

♦ Bonus classes

♦ Raffles for cash

♦ Live weekly Q&A 

♦ Daily email inspiration and accountability 

Yes! I'm ready to Money Cleanse

100% Money Back Guarantee.

I'm so confident in the 30 Day Money Cleanse that your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you follow my suggestions, complete all of the classes and exercises, and the 30 Day Money Cleanse is not what I promised, contact us and we'll refund you. No problem! That's how confident we are that this program will work for you!

The 30 Day Money Cleanse is for you if...

  • You are ready to take action and are excited to improve your financial wellness
  • You are willing to invest 1-2 hours of work per week for 4 weeks 
  • You are open and willing to challenge your current views about money and spending 

The 30 Day Money Cleanse is not for you if...

  • You're not open to learning or improving your financial wellness

  • You aren't willing to create the time for the course 

  • You enjoy feeling stuck financially

It's time to make your money start working for you.

You have everything it takes to take control of your finances once and for all. If you're sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck, in debt, or want to start planning for the future, I can help. We will create a customized plan that works with your lifestyle, doesn't feel restricting and puts you on track to reach your savings goals. And the best part is, it's not going to be hard. I'm here to make the process clear, simple and easy. 


Yes, I'm ready to Money Cleanse!Yes! Sign me up for the 30 Day Money Cleanse

Bonus items

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Today is the last day of my credit card cycle, and I’m thrilled to tell you that I reduced my average monthly spending by nearly $1,200!! Holy crap. And I mostly didn’t feel deprived. That’s one heck of a ROI, Ashley! I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner! Anyway, thank you!

Laurie | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant

Ashley’s Money Cleanse was truly transformational for me. Ashley’s program focused me and got me to pay attention to critical things - not just what I spend on, but my mindset behind it. Since I finished the money cleanse, I’ve felt totally in control of my finances and thus, my business and future. It’s amazing when you shine some light onto something you’ve been avoiding, it’s really not all that bad. And the best part: she gave me tools and tips I can use as I grow my business. Priceless!!
Jill Ozovek | Career Coach & Founder of Jill Ozovek Coaching
Working with Ashley has been one of the most eye-opening experiences. With her help I have learned I am deserving and able to create a life built on balance; and that my debt should not define me. Her courses have given me a new outlook on so much more than just my financial well-being, and I have finally found my confidence when it comes to talking about money. The feeling of being able to pay down my debt AND save money is indescribable and I cannot thank you enough for encouraging and supporting me through this journey! I saved $800 during the 30 days and am set to have all my debt paid off in four months. 

Angela | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant

Ashley went above and beyond with her knowledge and support throughout this course. She truly cares about the financial well being of her class. All my questions were answered in a way I could understand and I ended the class feeling confident and stress-free about my finances. 
Karina M | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant

My reasons for taking the Money Cleanse were to gain a better understanding of my spending. I had taken on a new career where I had doubled my income, yet I was still constantly out of money!  The strategies Ashley presented, along with the way in which she presented them, made it super easy to track habits and look for opportunities to break the bad ones. I have (almost) gotten out of the Starbucks rut and am so much more conscious of how I use my credit card for "throwaway" items. Switching to Ashley's techniques, I am finding much more money left over at the end of month and that is even after I have put money into my savings (which has grown by thousands of dollars in just two months!). Additionally, I was able to up my retirement savings without missing the income. I really cannot stress enough how EASY Ashley made everything. I thought it was going to be this huge struggle and I am so happy I was wrong!

Amy N | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant 

I have done other dietary cleanses, miscellaneous meditation courses, annual yoga retreats and attended women’s circles but somehow drilling down to the nitty gritty of how I handle money has unearthed layers of exploration! I had no idea when I registered at the very last minute for this money cleanse how much transformation is possible!
Carla | 30 Day Money Cleanse Participant
I am a money coach and financial wellness advocate because I am out to share the power and freedom I experiened from my money journey with you! Money is all about having and experiencing everything in life we want and what that looks like is extremely personal and unique to each of us. 
The numbers matter but the emotional and behavioral sides of our financial wellness are so much more important. My programs work and get tremendous results because we combine the two and take a holistic view.
I also believe that personal finance can be a whole lot more straightforward than you'd think. I have stripped away all the meaningless jargon and provide the tools and exercises in a simple, fun and accessible way. 
I'd welcome the opportunity to join you on your money journey! 



30 Day Money Cleanse
Next cohort kicks off on May 14th

Bonus Classes

Jill Ozovek, Career Coach
Bonus Class: Knowing Your Worth at Work 

Belma McCaffrey, Founder, Writer & Mentor
Bonus Class: Work Bigger & Change the World 

Andrea Wien, Founder, Foodie & Podcast Host
Bonus Class: Fabulously Frugal Meal Planning

Tracey Levy, Health Coach
Bonus Class: Eating Healthy on a Budget


(click here)

Hillary Zio, Sommelier, Author & Wine Educator
Bonus Class: Fabulously Frugal Wine

What is the 30 Day Money Cleanse?

The 30 Day Money Cleanse is a 30 day online, home-study course where you will learn how to put together a spending plan that fits with your lifestyle, doesn't feel restricting and puts you on track to reach your goals. 
As a Money Cleanser, you'll receive weekly video classes with accompanying workbooks and tools.  You'll learn things like...
How to reduce money stress and purchasing guilt
+ How to save more while improving your lifestyle 
+ How to build positive money habits and an abundant mindset
+ How to make a personalized plan so you know what to do and when to reach your goals
And the best part is, it's not even going to be hard. What I share makes the process easy, straightforward and fun. 

Money Cleanse Bonuses

> Weekly video Q&A sessions with me so that all of your money questions get answered
> Join the Money Cleanse community via private facebook group where you'll get to connect with  a group of financially motivated Money Cleanse masters and masters in training
> Weekly cash raffles prizes awarded for participation
Bonus classes from experts in all different areas 
Lifetime access

Dena Adriance, Career Coach
Bonus Class: Mastering the Art of Career Transition

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, Founder of the Fiscal Femme
Bonus Class: Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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